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Human causes of Forest Fires

Recent fires in the forest of Amazon opened the eyes of many individuals. This is not the first time fires broke in Amazon, but this time, the impact compared to any recent forest fire is so much more.

Amazon is responsible for producing 20% of the worlds oxygen and if you have really heard the entire story .. it was ours fault why fires broke!
Yes it was not natural.

It is not just Amazon, but the other parts of the world are suffering from deforestation for few specific reasons.
There are so many reasons of human made forest fires causing death of so so many animals and natural habitat.

1. Beef consumption :

this is the no.1 reason behind deforestation, the amazon forest was lit because farmers and loggers were invited to use the forest for beef.
The Nordics country finance minister has called European union to put a ban on brazilian beef for liting up amazon. It is quite a common case in other parts of the world.

2. Throwing cigarette buds /Littering
yes! your smoking habit is not only going to kill you but also the planet.Instead of making sure that the cigarette bud is disposed off in the proper way, people tend to drop it based on convenience

3. Lack of awareness
Forest fire comes with a lot of hazardous effect. From soil erosion to global warming, from extintion of wildlife to increase in the amount of CO2 emissions to causing health issues in surrounding areas and loss of livelihood of tribals, the Impact is so much to talk about.

What we can do ?
1. Plant trees :
Plant 10 trees in a year. The only way to end global warmimg is to plant trees.

2. Change your diet :
Yes! if you really care about environment, you need to change your diet plan. Going plant based is the best option.

3. Stop littering :
While you travel, try carrying reusable products
so that it doesnt harm the environment. If you smoke, carry the buds with you and dispose of properly in the dustbin.

4. Raise awareness :
Our carelessness regarding global warming and climate change is the biggest reason that the governments and officials do not this seriously and loose laws are made for namesake.
We as people, should come forward and try to raise awareness as much as possible.

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