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How to get rid of plastic

Few years ago, plastic pollution was not even a thing in India.
But as we are developing, the consumption of plastic products in our daily lives has increased.
Countries like Canada and America have been dealing with plastic waste for years and have already implemented
laws to eradicate waste filling up their landfills, but here,in India, we are still trying to figure out what can be done.

Though, I would not ask you to throw away your plastic items in the dustbin right away. Advisable would be to avoid taking the next items made out of plastic.

Who's the culprit ?

Most of us blame "Government and lack of system" for waste landfills that are growing bigger and bigger!
But we can't blame them alone! It has always been us! The amount of waste we produce at our home is enough to give you and idea
If we calculate total waste one household produces in a year, it is around 4.40 pounds of waste per day in urban cities and 70% of it is a form of plastic.

is Plastic luxury ?

Every form of plastic is toxic to environment and our own personal health, many of us are aware of this fact, but still blinded by advertisements, we still
buy such products. A person selling something unpackaged, still fresh, is not considered good by many people. No plastic is luxury, not even branded lunch boxes
and bottles.

how to get rid of plastic

1. Reuse what you have, Recycle what you don't need.
2. Learn to say "No" to single use plastic bag, carry cotton based grocery bags.
3. "No straw" please.
I bet we dont need straws at home for drinking any form of juice. But as soon as we arrive at any restaurant, we suddenly feel that we cant drink juice without
using straw? How did that happen ? Your plastic straw is non-recyclable and only used once and then gets littered on some landfill and stays for 1000 years!
4. Buy in bulk
5. Pack your food in aluminium foils or in paper box or eat it right away!
6. Balloons ? Nope
7. No single use cups!

Often chai wala offers disposable cups that looks like paper, it has a thin layer of plastic inside and when hot liquid is poured, it melts and mixes with our beloved tea.

Carry a cup if you can, if not, ask for traditional chai glasses which chai wala's will always have!

8. Start from Plastic free bathroom
From shampoo bottles to detergent powders, mostly 99% of products we use in our bathroom are either plastic and toxic inside or covered in plastic.
An average of 236 shampoo bottles (500ml) is used per person in India, and only 2-5% of it is recycled, ending rest of them on landfills.

Consider replacing your plastic bathroom now

Loofah -- Coconut coir body scrubber
Shampoo bottles -- Shampoo bars
Body wash -- Organic soap bars
Detergent Powders -- organic detergent bars
Makeup remover -- coconut oil with reusable napkin
Toothpaste -- natural toothpaste
Toothbrush -- bamboo toothbrush

9. Still love plastic ? buy 100% compostable plastic bags.

If you really can't do without plastic but want to help environment, you should buy 100% compostable plastics . The advantage will be that when it lands up in landfills,
it will break down and compost within 6-8 months rather than staying forever. You can also compost them at home in compost bins.
10. Raise awareness
Don't forget to tell people about how you are planning to do your bit for your surrounding, and help them do the same.

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