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Natural Wooden Handcrafted Styling Hair Comb

Wooden combs are made by using sustainably harvested wood, the majority of which is timber, neem, and bamboo. Wooden combs and brushes are perfect replacements for cheap plastic combs. It is a perfect hair detangler, as it glides smoothly through hair.

Buy Handcrafted Wooden Comb online as they are smoothen to perfection, which means less friction, tangles, and less likely to breakage as this is the most important factor of hair loss. These wooden bristles massages your scalp to stimulate blood circulation and distributes the natural oils or sebum evenly throughout the hair, which promotes hair growth. These eco-friendly combs help rejuvenate hair and maintain a healthy scalp. It also helps reduce the dandruff drastically and promotes hair shine. Eliminates the dirt from your hair and is extremely easy to clean. It can last you a lifetime with proper care. It makes your hair smoother. Hence, handcrafted wooden comb is as friendly to your hair as it is to the environment. 

We have a range of affordable wooden combs. It can truly save your hair so switch to wooden combs to say goodbye to static and frizzy hair.