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Solid Perfume and Fragrances for Sale in India

Zero waste solid perfumes are made using only natural fragrances and packed in paper tubes. These solid perfumes are organic and skin friendly. These perfumes are 100% made in India. Solid perfumes are a great alternative to spray deodorants. Solid perfumes come in compact, travel-friendly, and adorable packaging.

Checkout the Solid Perfume Price in India and make your purchases without any hesitation. They are extremely handy to have in your makeup pouch or travel toiletries. Also, a great conversation starter. It can also be used as aromatherapy, just take a sniff and with natural essential blends of oils, it would instantly boost your mood. It is always nice to be considerate of others, as some individuals are allergic to strong and toxic chemicals, these perfumes will only linger on your skin. These little tubs of solid perfumes lead to less waste, as it goes directly on your skin, unlike sprays that goes everywhere.

Solid perfumes are easy to apply, you can directly rub it onto your skin with the applicator and can easily be used for touch up whenever needed. They last as long as any regular deodorant.

These are unisex solid perfumes, organic perfumes non-toxic and free of any harsh chemicals.