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Natural Handmade Shampoo Bars for all Hair Types

Shop for the best shampoo bars in India.  Shop for the most affordable shampoo bars which are plastic free, organic, and non-toxic. Most of the shampoo bars are formulated with Reetha, coconut oils, and Bhringraj. They are 100% natural and handmade and are made according to hair type. Organic shampoo bars are best for your scalp as they do not make hair brittle.

Shampoo bars are the best alternative for liquid shampoo, as liquid shampoos mostly contain parabens, silicons, and synthetic substances. Shampoo bars last longer and also lead to less waste.

These are value for money, and more natural. They come in less package or package free, which directly helps the environment, as there is no or zero waste. These are very practical and can also be very compact for your gym bag or your luggage’s, and you can take them on a plane.

Application is quite easy. Wet your hair and rub shampoo bars in your hair and scalp as required. Massage your scalp for a minute and rinse your hair.

Switch to natural and go for hair friendly, zero waste solid shampoo bars for healthy, shiny, smoother hair.