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Covid-19 Prevention Policy Adopted by ZerowasteShop

Update : 

We are now shipping essentials and non - essentials with safety measures from our end in all zones except for containment zones. 

We request you to not directly touch the parcel or the courier person, you can use gloves, cloth to hold the package, and later wash the glove/cloth.

Returns : 

 We are double checking all items from our end. We are currently not accepting any returns except for damage during transportation.  In case you have any concerns before buying any product, you can chat with us on our website

As upto 18th May 2020,

ZerowasteShop India has taken into account all the rules and regulations by the government of India in order to tackle issues related to containment of COVID-19.

We are shipping products as per government rules. We have also added a copy of our authorization letters in our packages.  Non - essentials are shipped to only zones accepted by Government

Goods that are shipped under essentials from our store are as follows : 

  • Shampoo , Hair oils,and Body Soap, Body Wash
  • Dish-wash , Laundry Cleaners and Disinfectants
  • Masala, Ghee, Oil, Food Items
  • Skincare products
  • Sanitary Products

Please note that if any of these essential items pickup location falls under containment or government restricted area, we will not be able to ship it until the government allows again and it is safe.

All these products will be shipped on priority basis taking hygienic care needed from our end before dispatching it to the shipping personal. 

We request you to expect some delays due to the bad times COVID-19 has bought upon small sustainable business and on entire humanity.

We request you to stay safe. 

Tip : Even though, our shippers will be maintaining hygiene, it is advised that while receiving shipments, decontaminate the box with a sanitizer spray or handle the box with a cloth instead of directly touching the box