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How to blog

Zerowasteshopo offers free blogging opportunities to Sustainable bloggers who believe in zerowaste lifestyle.  

Please note that you cannot directly publish a blog here. Submit your blogs to OR with your NAME, LOCATION AND A SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU DO. 

Also make sure you follow our blogging rules displayed here!! 

  1. Blog should be about sustainable lifestyle which includes travel, sustainable home, veganism or anything that does help understand the idea of sustainablity and zerowaste lifestyle. 
  2. You cannot post any third party links except for internal links , that is, links from are allowed. 
  3. Any religious context should not be present in the blog. 
  4. Each blog will be monitored for rules met before publishing it directly on the website and will be intimated to the blogger. 
  5. Since blogging is free, blogger will have to promote their blog on their own. We will be only providing a platform.
  6. Photos downloaded from third party ,etc should be checked for copyrights, copyrights are to be disclosed.
  7. If content is copied from elsewhere and same is reported by anyone, the blog will be deleted instantly. 
  8. Limited seats! Hence, first come first serve. 

Happy blogging!