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Is Zerowaste important ?

Hey Guys,

Now what you are visiting this page, I presume that you already are aware of what zerowaste lifestyle is ?it's been quite a thing in town now,  now big celebrities have come ahead and speaking about leaving a plastic free lifestyle , minimizing plastic waste and some of use even tried that unknowingly why we should.  

Why  are these big celebs like Shraddha Kapoor, Bhumi Pednekar, Dia Mirza, Pragya Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and not just Indian cinema but also the very talented Jaden Smith and our beloved Khal Drago, Jason Mamoa (don't tell me you don't know him) 

In case you are not aware, plastic was discovered in 1907 and till date (2019) , only 9% of plastic ever made is recylced.  So what happens to the rest ? They are still here in form of microplastics,  or hiding inside the oceans, inside depths of our soil , maybe in your own garden. The presence of plastic has been a known factor in increase of earth temperatures.

Us, people , with so much education to gain, to expand economically have been dirting the oceans and feeding plastic to the earth. 

Zerowaste lifestyle is a suitable approach towards minimizing our waste. Zerowaste Lifestyle offers Minimalist ideology which is also economically better if you consider long term.  What if you switched to resuables ? You will save a lot of new production of single use products , which will save trees and limit the no of CO2 emissions.  P

Plastic  free is not convenient once you start it. Some people are embarrassed to carry their own tiffin boxes and water bottles ? I have known such people. Some people think it is not convenient to hold a bottle the whole time .  It is not convenient but it's like adjustment we should do for the earth.   I bet none of us want to see landfills nearby or swim in plastic.  Did you know our food contain plastic now :( 

Less waste, less problems to our health and health of the planet.  Zerowaste lifestyle or Sustainable lifestyle is important and more than that it's important that we understand our role in the universe and act accordingly .

- See you later

Supriya Thabe