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Things I learnt during COVID-19 lockdown in India

Hello my friend! Welcome back to the blog.

With all the recent time in quarantine, the outlook of our lifestyle has changed.

The busy pace has come to a sudden halt and it gave some quiet time to re-evaluate the rush we all go through at an autopilot mode. This morning brought some beautiful birds chirping sound instead of the noise of vehicles. The dew on flowers are little more magical. This makes me think, it is so incredible to live mindfully.

Today, I want to share some lessons I learned in this recent times, and will carry them post pandemic:

  1.  Worrying doesn't solve anything. Let's choose to be a warrior everytime we face a new problem.
  2.  The saying goes like "Save for the rainy day". Now that we have time, everyone needs to rethink personal finance and overcome the rat race of overspending.
  3. Taking good care of self as well as loved one and priotizing them, is non negotiable. 
  4. Scheduling breathers (time out) in your calendar is a way to live life more happily. 
  5. Indulge in your sense it takes mind of overthinking and helps become more mindful. 
  6. See life as "it is what it is", not like what you expect it to be or someone else expects from you.
  7. Try minimalism, it saves time, money, and decision fatigue.
  8.  Immunity power of individual plays a major role, let's rethink our diet. 
  9. Communication's way have changed over the years, now we have time, let's communicate more and have deeper meaning conversations and reconnect once again. 
  10. Fast pace life makes you believe either you are on top of your game or you are just holding on. Rethink your goals and align with them. Where focus goes, energy flows. 
  11. Be helpful and be more kind to every being. 
  12. It's not too late to indulge in your wishlist series or childhood fav shows. 
  13. There is light at the end of the tunnel, let's learn to adapt to change and let's bloom where we are. 
  14. Life is short, let's stop to smell the roses.
  15. Create more memories now. 
  16. Nature is healing now, what are you waiting for? Let's heal from our past traumas, self doubt, negative talks etc. 
  17. Enjoy small joys, they are priceless. 
  18. Let's pick up our hobbies once again and this time make a plan to master the art and explore our potential.
  19. Try urban gardening, it brings a little joy to see how a seed grows into a plant and also gives us flowers and fruits to help nourish us.
  20. Take care of your environment too.


Let's see it as half glass full. I hope you found some of these lessons helpful! And I hope you are staying safe and staying home!


Xo, Supriya Thabe