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Loofah Scrubber (pack of 6)
Loofah Scrubber (pack of 6)
Loofah Scrubber (pack of 6)
Loofah Scrubber (pack of 6)
Loofah Scrubber (pack of 6)
Loofah Scrubber (pack of 6)

Loofah Scrubber (pack of 6)

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Product Usage

  • Can be used in the kitchen along with dishwashing soap to clean utensils. 
  • Can be used as bath scrub along with bath soap to exfoliate the skin.
  • Can be used along with a cleaning agent to clean sinks, tiles, and tubs. 

Product Care
  • Squeeze and dry after every use for longevity.
  • Change loofah depending on usage.
  • Using natural cleaning agents is good for you, the planet, and the loofah.

Product USP

  • This is a sustainable alternative to plastic bath loofah and kitchen scrubs.
  • 100% Natural - Plant fiber, they are completely unprocessed.
  • 100% compostable at home and usually decompose within 30 days. 
  • To discard, compost, or simply bury in your garden.

Product Specifications
  • Dimensions : 7cm X 10cm X 1cm.
  • Weight : ~7.0 grams.
  • Color : Natural Golden White.

  • Our Farmers grow Ridge gourd using traditional methods.
  • This is not the main crop on the farm and our farmers do not practice mono-crop farming.
  • These Ridge gourds are free of pesticides and herbicides. 
  • During summers when there is less or minimum farming possibles, our farmers spend time removing the skin of the dried ridge gourd, removing seeds, and cutting them to the right dimensions before packing and dispatch.
  • Only handheld tools are used to cut and shape the Loofah.
  • This practice ensures they have a uniform source of income all through the year.


  • Our heirloom loofah is sourced from family farms of rural Karnataka and Andra Pradesh in India. 
  • This tropical region has 3 main seasons mainly summer, winter, and rainy. 
  • Ridge Gourd is mostly grown around the fields during monsoon, harvested during winters, and sun-dried during summers.